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NSF office broken into, ransacked

Dimapur, July 22: The Naga Students' Federation (NSF) has strongly condemned the act of breaking into the NSF office and ransacking the president, general secretary, speaker' room and conference hall and even the ANCSU office, saying it is an insult to entire Naga students' community.

"Our office is an old building, built during British time, so people can easily break open the office from any side, but the question is what will they get from a our office? There are record files and some old furniture, which of course are important for us, besides that there is nothing in our office. We really wonder what they were looking for in students' office," said NSF president Tongpang Ozukum in a condemnation.

Informing that nothing was stolen, the NSF said it cannot tolerate such senseless acts, such irrational behavior.

"We are also trying on our part to ascertain the entire situation. However we will also lodge a complaint to the police to investigate the incident and book the culprits," it added.

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Zeliang hopes NDA Govt. will solve Naga issue

Dimapur, July 22: Informing the Sssembly about the Government’s decision to constitute the State Investment Board in order to attract investors to the State, Chief Minister TR Zeliang said the SIB would act as the State Nodal Agency and single window facilitation for attracting private investments in the State.

But he reminded that without peace in the State, economic progress would always remain an uphill task.

“The proposed State Investment Board will also find it very difficult to attract investors to the State unless we create a peaceful and congenial political climate, free from extortions and illegal tax demands etc”, he maintained.

He reiterated that DAN-III Government continues to give the highest priority to peaceful resolution of the more than 6-decade-old Naga political issue. He stated that the DAN III Government continues to stand committed to play the role of facilitator in the peace process to pave the way for any alternative arrangement of the Naga political issue.

He also informed about the request by the Political Affairs Committee of DAN-III to the Speaker NLA for re-constituting the Joint Legislators Forum on Naga political issue to enable the Members of the House to collectively play a more meaningful role in facilitating the peace process, irrespective of political affiliations.

He expressed appreciation of the constructive roles played by the various Naga tribal bodies, the churches, the NGOs and civil societies in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the state.

Zeliang expressed optimism that the BJP-led NDA Government, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, would display the required political will and courage to finally resolve the long-pending Naga political issue thereby fulfilling the long felt desire of the Naga people for peace in the State.

Civil Deposit

In a starred question, Chief Minister TR Zeliang replied that an amount of Rs. 604.02 crore has been kept under civil deposit during 2013-14.

He said these amount are being released to the Departments, as and when proposal are submitted accompanied by certification of progress of work, along with photographs and other supporting documents such as checklist and original copies of the Treasury Challan.

He added that releases are normally made in proportion to the progress of work.

Deduction on public payment

In a starred question asked by Leader of the CLP, Tokheho Yepthomi on deduction made on public payment, the Chief Minister replied that there are standing orders for realization of departmental charges, works contract tax (VAT) less for the welfare of construction workers deduction for payment of work charge salary and forest royalty. In his reply he also mentioned issues on recoveries, deduction and percentage.

The departmental charge 13%, works contract tax 4.75% or 13.25%, workers welfare less 1%, work charge salary 5%.

Sectoral State allocation

Zeliang who also holds the Finance portfolio informed that the Government of India could not hold the Plan discussion with States till date hence the State’s Plan size is yet to be finalized for the current year 2014-15.

Stating that it was undesirable to pass another vote-on-account, he said that the matter was referred to the Planning Commission, who as a result, has informed to proceed with a tentative outlay of the State Plan for 2014-15 based on the Revised Scheme of Financing 2013-14 till the finalization of Annual Plan.

Sectoral outlay on the basis of last year’s plan outlay is as follows:

1. Social Service Sector                 -    Rs. 445.09 crore

2. Agri & Allied Sector                    -    Rs. 154.79 crore

3. Rural Development                     -    Rs. 57.72 crore

4. Irrigational & Flood Control          -    Rs. 201.50 crore

5. Energy Sector                            -    Rs. 64.61 crore

6. Industries & Minerals                  -    Rs. 40.70 crore (under State Plan)

7. Transport Sector                        -     Rs. 137.99 crore

8. Science & Technology                -    Rs. 10.67 crore

9. General & Economic Services     -    Rs.639.81 crore

10. General Services Sector            -    Rs. 25.33 crore

Achievement of Departments

The Chief Minister said that in the Tourism sector, the Department is presently in the process of developing key infrastructure to make Nagaland an attractive tourist destination. He said that the Department will also focus on promoting eco- tourism, rural tourism and tourist destinations, and further take up activities to import knowledge and awareness programmes on tourism during 2014-15.

The CM said that our sportspersons are continuing to perform well and secure medals at the International and national levels. He said that under the Sports & Youth Resource Department, a cultural team from Nagaland will be performing at the “Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo” 2014 in Edinburgh Scotland (UK), under the Folk Residency during 2014.

The CM mentioned that the Department of Information & Public Relations has recently published the much acclaimed coffee table book titled ‘Nagaland - 50 Years on’ in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Nagaland Statehood on December 1, 2013. He added that video documentaries highlighting the development and growth of the State during the last 50 years were also produced and are being telecast through Doardarshan Kendra Kohima, local networks in districts headquarters’ and the Department’s mobile audio visual.


Parliamentary Secretary for School Education Yitachu replied to the leader of the Congress Legislature Party Tokheho MLA that mid-day meal is not being served to student on regular basis in both primary and upper primary schools due to meager amount of Rs. 3.34 per child per school day for primary stage and Rs. 5.00 per child per day for upper primary stage provided by Government of India as per MDM norms.

To a query raised by Tokheho on whether State Government is in a position to give its share regularly, Yitachu replied that the State share has to be provided to let the scheme get going.

The Parliamentary Secretary also replied that the State share for 2013-14 will depend on the fund received from MHR. Tokheho also suggested to the Parliamentary Secretary that the Government should give priority and due share on time so that the students do not suffer.

MLA Apok Jamir asked about the transferring out of 8 teachers from GHSS Mayangnokcha Mokokchung where vacancies have not been filled till date to which Yitachu said that Department of School Education is in a transitional stage with up-gradation of more schools adding that a rationalization policy would be formulated at the earliest. He further said that rationalization of teachers in every school and the exercise taken by the Department would directly fill the shortfall of teachers.

Target of revenue for Dimapur

Congress MLA, K Khekaho Assumi asked the Department of Taxes on the target of Revenue in the Taxes Department in the year 2013 for Dimapur district, whether the Department achieved the targeted revenue income and the amount of target set for 2014 for Dimapur district.

In reply to his question, Parliamentary Secretary for Taxes, Tovihoto Ayemi said that the target of revenue has been achieved for the Taxes Department in the year 2013-14 for Dimapur district, which was Rs. 15346.28 lakhs as per the revised budget estimated and the target set for the year 2014-15 for Dimapur district is Rs. 20669.23 lakhs.

Cost of High Court building

To a starred question asked by Tokheho Yepthomi MLA on the total cost of High Court Building construction at Kohima, Parliamentary Secretary for Justice & Law, N Jacob Zhimomi said that the total amount of the High Court building is Rs. 3687.71 lakhs. He further informed that the tender was floated by the Chief Engineer PWD (H) Nagaland and the work has been progressed up to plinth level with erection of columns.

Jacob Zhimomi also mentioned that the works were executed by the Executive Engineer PWD (R&B) Construction Division Chiephobozou. He also said an amount of Rs. 6,57,80,000 was spent on construction of approach road for National Highway 61 and the approach road for NH 61 to High Court office is just 2.0 kilometer.

Periodical repair money

While replying to leader of CLP Tokheho, Minister for National Highway Nuklutoshi said that the total sanctioned amount from Government of India for both improvement and periodical repair of National Highway NH 61 (New 2) and NH 155 (New 202) in Nagaland during 2013-14 was Rs. 43.71 crores.

The Minister said that the periodical repair money is used through tendering process. Replying to a supplementary question raised by Tokheho, the Minister informed that although he had requested the Ministry through its Regional Office, Guwahati, to use the PRM departmentally, the Ministry replied in the negative stating that Rs. 5 lakh above should go through tendering process. However, the Minister said that he would convince the Ministry to highlight on the issue.

CLP Leader Tokheho suggested for use of PRM departmentally to maintain potholes and side drains instead of giving to contractors.

Obituary references

Both the leader of the House TR Zeliang and CLP  Leader Tokheho made obituary references to the passing away of 2 leaders - late Scato Swu, former Rajya Sabha Member and late Gopinath Pandurang Munde, sitting Union Minister of Rural Development.

Assent to bills

List of business proceedings of Nagaland Legislative Assembly today included assent to bills. Secretary NLA reported the assent of the Governor of Nagaland to the following bills:

1. The Nagaland Farmers’ Participation in Management of Irrigation Systems Bills.

2. The Nagaland State Council of Higher Education Bill, 2014.

3. The Nagaland Medical Council Bill, 2014.

4. The Nagaland State Paramedical Council Bill, 2014.

5. The Nagaland Board of School of Education Amendment Bill, 2014.

6. The Nagaland Appropriation (No.1) Bill, 2014.

7. The Nagaland Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 2014.

Other business included laying of Reports /Papers/Rules.

The Chief Minister laid on the table a copy of:

1. Annual Report 2007 -2008 of the Nagaland State Mineral Development Corporation Limited.

2. Annual Report 2008-2009 of the Nagaland State Mineral Development Corporation Limited.

Laying of Annual Administrative reports for Urban Development and Art & Culture, Printing Stationery were laid by Parliamentary Secretary Urban Development Zhaleo Rio and Parliamentary Secretary Art & Culture, Printing Stationery Er. Kropal Vitsu respectively.

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NTC deplores but hopes

Dimapur, July 22: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) today said that the attempt of Government of India to make Hindi language acceptable by all should be more meticulous than haphazard. It said the GoI can have a comprehensive and more intensive scheme to introduce Hindi language in the field of education as the existing system is found wanting in many counts.

The NTC said the first attempt of the GoI's imposition was to use Hindi in social media, which received sharp reaction particularly from Tamil Nadu. Accordingly, the Government backtracked and said it was meant for only those Hindi speaking states and not for all uniformly.

The Council pointed that the latest attempt is the order for schools affiliated to CBSE to observe "Sanskrit Week" between August 7 and 13. Stating that the intention is to popularize Hindi language in schools, the NTC said this attempt is nothing less than imposition of Hindi on every student under CBSE.

In a statement issued by its media cell, the NTC said it neither detests nor has it failed to understand the importance of the language of the majority in the sub-continent.

Stating that it knows the advantage of learning Hindi and disadvantage of not learning Hindi in India, the NTC said such actions would tantamount to undermine the minorities and non-Hindi speaking sections, which in turn would injure the principle of unity in diversity.

It further said India remains a great democratic nation not only because of Hindi speaking populace but because of giving due recognition to ethnic minorities of those non-Hindi speaking groups since during the last 67 years of Independence.

The moment the minorities are discriminated, the strength of India as a nation will be weakened, it added.

The NTC expressed hoped that the concerned Ministry does not revive the philosophy of yesteryears' untouchability taking undue advantage of the massive mandate received from the people.

The NTC hoped that the Ministry would instill sense of security to all minorities in the country by accepting each other as inalienable part of the great Republic of India.

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AYO settles July 12 incident with AR

Dimapur, July 22: The Angami Youth Organization (AYO) has informed that it has amicably settled the 12th July incident at Officer's Hill Colony, where the 19th Assam Rifles had raided the residence of Ketusielie Kuotsu.

"Whatever misgivings and counter reaction that arose out of the incident against Mr. Ketusielie Kuotsu and the Assam Rifles had been deliberated thoroughly and concluded in good spirit," it said in a release issued by president Medo Yhokha and general secretary Rokoketou Sechü.

The AYO said Ketusielie Kuotsu is proved to be an innocent, an upright and a responsible Government employee and a citizen of Kohima.

The AYO also lauded the good gesture and social services rendered by the Assam Rifles towards the society and being a domain force in providing security to the people.

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