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Holy Thursday celebrated at St. Joseph Church, Chumukedima

Dimapur, April 17: The Passover events of the Holy Thursday were celebrated at St. Joseph Church, Chumukedima on Thursday evening with Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, the Bishop of Kohima as the main celebrant.

Bishop in his introduction reminded the congregation that on this day, the Church celebrates two important events, the gift of the Eucharist and priesthood and the commandment to serve and love, celebrated in the context of the Jewish Passover Feast. The Holy Eucharist is the lasting memorial left by Jesus to the Church, for which he also established the priesthood. Unlike the Jewish Passover celebration, when Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples for the last time on earth, there was no sacrifice of lamb because Jesus himself was the Lamb that was about to be sacrificed.

At the Last Supper, the Lord Jesus took the bread, gave thanks, broke it and said, "This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me." [1 Cor. 11:24] Then, he took the cup and said, "This cup is the New Covenant in Christ blood [Ex. 12:1-8, 11-14]. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me." [1 Cor. 11:25] For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until He comes.

In commemoration Bishop also washed the feet of the twelve disciples (representatives) in imitation of Jesus act of humility and service. Bishop also urged every Christian to be prepared for sacrificial sharing and self-giving love, if we are to live the examples of Jesus in our life.

The celebration of the Holy Thursday is a challenge to humble service, for as Winston Churchill said, "we make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give".

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ACAUT visits Sakus Mission College

Dimapur, April 17: Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation ( ACAUT) has been visiting various Colleges in Dimapur to spread its message and also to spread awareness. Sakus Mission College allowed ACAUT to hold a session with its Faculty, staff and students on April 16.

The session was chaired by a faculty member of the College and it began with a prayer. The session was held in the backdrop of ACAUT filing RTI in two departments in Civil Secretariat on Tuesday in Kohima.

The two main speakers were ACAUT Vice Chairman Joel Nillo Kath and Convener RTI Cell Dr. Kekhuga Murru. Joel Nillo Kath gave a brief history on how ACAUT came into being and how ACAUT had to change its nomenclature from Action Committee Against Unabated Taxation keeping the needs of the Nagas in mind.

He said that if Naga people hadn't given their mandate on the 31st October 2013 ACAUT Rally held in Dimapur where tens of thousands gave their support, ACAUT would not have existed.

ACAUT is not against the Naga National movement as such, but factionalism has separated the Nagas which in turn has led to multiple taxation which weighed down on the Common Nagas, he said.

He further said ACAUT stands for "One Government, One Tax" and the core message is to let the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) unite so that public can pay tax to one Government.

Dr. Kekhugha Murru stated that ACAUT is determined to weed out corruption and will continue to remain a pressure group as long as corruption exists.

Stating that corruption exists in every sphere, he exhorted that the common Nagas have to unite in tackling this issue of corruption which is a cancer for everyone.

Mar Longkumer, Convener Media Cell also spoke on the occasion and his two basic messages were that firstly it should be the students who should be most worried about the sorry state of affairs of the society and the students should be proactive on issues affecting us and secondly that the civilization of any society is indicated by the collective response of  every individuals, basically implying that Nagas have to make a concerted effort in tackling issues affecting us.

The ACAUT pledge to fight against corruption was led by Tia Longchar, ACAUT Public mobilization convener. He led with conviction as everyone present placed their hands on their hearts, repeated the pledge and declared that they were now ACAUT Nagaland. 

The Chairman-cum-proprietor of Sakus Mission College , Er. Saku Aier said that the College fully supports ACAUT.

The other ACAUT members who attended were Simon Kelio, convener Liaison cell who is also the Vice-principal of SMC, Y. Zhimomi GS GB Union Dimapur , Likolo VP DNSU ,Solomon L Awomi General secretary ACAUT and President EDBA, Zhalie, Assistant General secretary ACAUT and Hukiye VP DUCCF.  (Page News Service)



27th convocation of IGNOU held

Dimapur, April 17: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Regional Centre Kohima held 27th convocation on April 16 at IGNOU study centre, Modern College near SBI Lerie branch, Kohima.

On this occasion Pro- vice Chancellor Nagaland University, Kohima Professor A Lanunungsang congratulated all the successful candidates and said that the scarves worn by each of them symbolizes success and hard work.

He said that NU and IGNOU must work together in an inter-disciplinary approach for better quality education.

Stating that IGNOU is a living example to the state, working hard to extend its opportunity in the field of environment, piggery, water management, MSW, fruit processing etc, he said with the extension of IGNOU into the state, many marvellous jobs were accumulated giving arise of literacy rate 86% way back in the past years but today education gradually progressed with the effect of immense opportunities.

He explained the values of hard work, sincerity and dedication and said that there is no other substitute to hard work.

He challenged the students to never put a full stop in their career but to soar higher and higher in walks of life.

He also gave away the certificates to the successful candidates.

Regional Director, IGNOU, Dr. T Iralu presented Regional Director's report. He said that there were above 100 students success or completed the course in this 27th convocation (Kohima study centre). He said that with the passage of time, the university made a big progress with 574 candidates at this center, adding IGNOU is the world largest university which is called 'People University' where its open to all with no age limit etc.

Other highlights in the occasion were special song presented by students of Modern college and screening the country wide telecast of convocation programmes.

The programme was chaired by Assistant Professor, Modern college Kohima Ezhüni Chache.

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Kohima DPDB meeting held

Dimapur, April 17: The District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) monthly meeting of Kohima District was held under the chairmanship of MLA & Advisor, New & Renewable Energy, Music Task Force and DPDB Chairman, Khriehu Liezietsu, at the Zonal Council Hall on April 15.

At the outset, Khriehu welcomed the new Chief Executive Officer, KMC, Lithrongla Tongpi and also others members who were present in the house. He also thanked the Deputy Commissioner and the Additional Deputy Commissioner for conducting the meeting during his absence in the last two DPDB meetings. He said that the Board would be looking forward for fruitful developmental activities in the district.

After reviewing of the last meeting minutes, Sr. Medical Officer, Naga Hospital Authority, Kohima, Dr. Vekietoulie Pienyu gave a power point presentation on 'Stress Management'. He said that stress is caused in today's modern life due to various factors like unemployment, competitions, rising expectations, poverty/debt, daily work stress, relationships, traffic jams and so on. He said that stress is the arousal of the body and mind in response to the demands made on them.

He also emphasized on the two types of stress and also on the benefits of positive stress, distress, symptoms of distress etc.

With the Initiative of the Urban Development Department of Nagaland a deliberation was held on how to make Preparation of Kohima City Development Plan under Urban Development. This was highlighted by the ICAR Management consultant Services Limited (iMaCs) Delhi, Manager, Abhilash who was also accompanied by his Associate Analyst, Avantika.

The manager said that CDP is both a perspective and a vision for the future development of a city. He asked the members to list out the priorities of schemes, project requirements etc to be taken up so as to achieve its strategies. Abhilash said that vision statement signifies where the city should go within a given time frame. He further opined that Formulation of city vision should be concerned on the aspects that distinguish Kohima, provision of adequate

Infrastructure, slum and urban poor, and others. Aspects that define Kohima city are Culture and Tourism, Rich Flora and Fauna, rich community participation etc, he added. He also elaborated on the ongoing Project Integrated Road and Multi-level Parking project in Kohima.

A letter written to the Government of Nagaland by the citizen of Viswema village for a creation of new Rural Development Block at Viswema under 15 Southern Angami-11 Assembly constituency was read out in the August house and the letter was endorsed to the Project

Director, Kohima, to be examined before discussion at the next DPDB meeting.

Regarding the quarterly progress on Prime Minister's New 15 Point Programme, ADC Planning, Ketoho Luho requested the members concerned to submit the report before the date line given as mentioned in the official letter received from the government.

The house discussed about the Action calendar for the Exposure trip to the cleanest village which is located in Meghalaya and requested the committee to expedite the plan and inform the house in next meeting.

In the concluding remarks, ADC, Kohima, Asangla Imti thanked all concerned on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner for rendering their services for smooth conduct of the 16th Lok Sabha Election.

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Motivational lecture organized for students

Dimapur, April 17: The 37 Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ 6 Sector Assam Rifles organized a motivational lecture for students of Government High School, Molvom.  During the lecture, boys and girls of senior classes were educated about the various options available for a career in the Armed Forces. 

Around 55 students including 20 girl students attended the motivational lecture. The girl students were appraised about career of women in the Armed Forces as Officers and Nursing Staff. The students showed a high level of enthusiasm during the interaction. (Page News Service)



NVP Lab set up at Medziphema

Dimapur, April 17: A milestone was achieved in the history of Nagaland Agriculture Department  with the setting up of Nuclear Polyydrosis Virus Unit(NPV)  lab at Medziphema, on April 15 last.

The inauguration programme was chaired by L Mero, Additional Director of Agriculture and N Tekatushi Ao, Director of Agriculture was the Chief Guest. Rongseninla, Joint Director of Agriculture gave a short keynote address about the benefit of NPV in agriculture specially for sustainable agriculture and vote of thanks was pronounced by Bendanglila, Dy. Director of Agriculture.

This NPV Lab is the first of its kind in the Northeast and with the production of NPV, pest like helicoverpa armigera and spodoptera ligera can be effectively controlled in cabbage, cauliflower, pulses, sunflower, cotton and also horticultural crops. NPV has no waiting period after spray, it is easy to carry.

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Music album release

Dimapur, April 17: The most awaited dream of the three best friends who struggled themselves in the Music Industry in Nagaland showcasing their talents in shows, parties or even concert, Nikato Sumi, Prem Rawat and Dilwar Hussain are ready to release their first Album , "Awarapan" in Hindi on April 24 at Spill Lounge, ,Dimapur at 6 p.m...

The music was recorded at Sonic Boom, Dimapur, and composed and arranged by Nokrang Longkumer.

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Seminar on legal rights of women

Dimapur, April 17: The Nagaland State Commission for Women in collaboration with National Commission for Women is organizing a one day seminar on legal rights of women on marriage, divorce and inheritance on April 22 at Peren town hall.

The following apex leaders Zeliangrong Baudi, Zeliangrong Mothers' Association, Zeliangrong Students Union and VCC have been requested to participate in the said programme.

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NSCB opens new branch office at Mokokchung

Dimapur, April 17 : Nagaland State Cooperative Bank Mokokchung Branch got its new branch premises, which was inaugurated by Rev Ponen Longchar, Pastor, MIBA on April 15 last at Mokokchung town in presence of government officials, district manager, NABARD, Mokokchung public leaders, VDB functionaries, church leaders, customers and bank officials.

GM (Admn), NSCB Ltd, Imtilemba Longkumer, in his keynote address said that NSCB was established in 1967 at Dimapur after obtaining license from Reserve Bank of India and at present has a network of 21 branches in all the districts in the state, except Longleng district.

He said this is the only local bank sponsored and financed by the state Government holding more than 80% of the share capital.

Mokokchung is the second oldest branch of NSCB, which was opened in 1968 in order to accomplish the aspiration of the people of the district.

He disclosed that Mokokchung branch has become a model branch of the bank and its per employee business is among the highest in branch business of the bank.

The GM disclosed that in the midst of providing uninterrupted service to the people, this branch is the second highest profit earning branch next to Kohima branch with a profit of Rs 242.23 lakhs at the close of March 2014. The branch has deposit of Rs 3399.86 lakhs and the total loan and advances of Rs 2120.90 lakhs with a CD ration of 62.38% as on March 31, 2014.

M Bendangnukshi Longkumer, ex-vice chairman, NSCB Ltd expressed happiness for the improvement in growth of bank's business during the last 10 years. He appealed to the public in general and business community in particular to avail the facilities offered by the bank by saving their surplus fund and to recover the loan promptly.

Alangla Tonger, ARCS, Mokokchung also spoke about the primary objective of the establishment of NSCB in the state and the overall functioning of the cooperative societies in the district in general. (Page News Service)
































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