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Border row: Assam, Nagaland church leaders meet Gogoi


Guwahati, October 22: A joint peace mission comprising church leaders of Assam and Nagaland met Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi to discuss the issues relating to the troubled inter-state border.

"Church leaders from Catholic and Protestant churches while apprising the chief minister about peace initiatives undertaken by them in the trouble-torn areas along the Assam- Nagaland border, said status quo has to be maintained at any cost and that the problem has to be viewed from humanitarian perspective," a release from the CMO said today.

In the meeting, which took place last evening, Gogoi accepted their view and said that the people displaced during violence must be rehabilitated, it said.

The church leaders told the chief minister that the peace process has to be carried out at the grassroots level and the involvement of the village headmen is a must for reconciliation and ushering in durable peace along the inter-state border, the release said.

They said that while an early political solution to the disputed areas would take time, the reconciliation process among the people living along the border is of utmost necessity for peace to prevail there.

Gogoi echoed their sentiments and said it was 'high time' for better sense to prevail and to acknowledge the fact that "One has to live together, no one can live in isolation".

"The task of rehabilitation of displaced people living in relief camps should be completed as soon as possible. We seek the cooperation of one and all, including the church leaders towards this end," Gogoi added.

He lauded the peace initiatives of the Church leaders and hoped that their efforts would help to restore complete normalcy by rekindling the age-old ties between the people of both the states living along the border. (PTI)























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