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Protect farmers from vegetable syndicate: ACAUT, BAN


Pushes for establishment of 'Saabzi mandi' in Dimapur

Dimapur, July 3: The ACAUT Nagaland and the Business Association of Nagas (BAN) have pushed for establishment of 'Saabzi mandi' or Vegetable Trading Center outlet in Dimapur in order to protect local farmers from 'poachers' in the form of vegetable syndicates.

The demand for 'Saabzi mandis' comes in the wake of the assault on a local farmer, Sanyi Dukru by wholesale traders and labourers at Murgi patti, Dimapur on Thursday.

In a press release, ACAUT Nagaland while reiterating its earlier demand for 'Saabzi mandis', reasoned that formation of 'Saabzi mandis' would be the first step to acquiring self-sufficiency and becoming economically reliant, it said in a press release.

The ACAUT reminded that it had earlier raised the issue of the plight of local farmers, especially cabbage farmers from Phek District who are, at most times, forced to sell at loss by market monopolist or syndicate traders who arbitrarily set the buying price at their whims and fancies.

This gross exploitation of the poor local farmers has only escalated tensions among the business community and the latest fracas is a direct result of this, it said.

ACAUT Nagaland, however, requested all the parties to maintain calm for the sake of farmers who needs a peaceful atmosphere to sell their produce.

In the interest of the local farming and entrepreneurial community, the ACAUT also demanded the formation of a Cabinet Sub-Committee on Economic Affairs with the sole view to uplift the local entrepreneurial and farming community of the State duly assisted by at least 5 to 6 members picked from the business and entrepreneurial community as consultants.

Farmers at mercy of syndicate system: BAN

In a separate release, the BAN said local farmers are completely at the mercy of traders and the syndicate system who fix prices on take or leave it policy, and lamented that such indignity and humiliation are faced by the local farmers because of the government's apathy to the needs of its people.

BAN cautions that such incidences are bound to occur in the future, unless the government of Nagaland takes stringent measures by setting up Saabzi mandis as in other parts of the country where all farmers can bring their produce and auction off their produce with prices fixed as per the demand and supply of the market.

The BAN urged the Government of Nagaland to allocate the area in Agri Expo, 4th mile to BAN to set up Saabzi mandi/vegetable trading center as it has a cold storage facility which is lying vacant.

However as a short term solution to the immediate crisis, the BAN wanted the DMC to facilitate the sale of cabbage from Phek district and elsewhere by fixing the minimum buying rate of cabbage immediately for this peak season so that local farmers do not incur losses.

Condemns assault on local farmer

Meanwhile both ACAUT and BAN vehemently condemned the grievous injury inflicted on the local farmer during the scuffle with wholesale traders and labourers at Murgi patti, Dimapur on Thursday, and demanded the law enforcing agencies get into the depth of the issue and punish the guilty.

"This incident is reflective of the frustration of the local farming community and unless the government takes up the interest of the local farmers on a war-footing, social unrest and law and order problem will get compounded," ACAUT added. (Page News Service)






























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